1m, 1w.  85 minutes​

Tim is a burned out stand up comedian making a stop in International Falls, Minnesota for a nightmare gig.  Dee is a hotel desk clerk and aspiring comic who finds her way into Tim’s room after the show.  Inter-cutting between their one night stand and Tim’s act, Dee seeks the truth behind the jokes.  What begins as an admitted innocuous frolic turns into a philosophical discussion of comedy, marriage, parenthood, religion, and dick jokes.  The line between comedy and tragedy is blurred as Tim and Dee eventually have to answer the inevitable post-coital question, “Now what?”  As comedian Marc Maron says, “Sometimes it’s not about the funny.  Sometimes it’s about the sad.”

Production History:

Greyman Theatre Company, NYC, February 2014

Bryant-Lake Bowl, Minneapolis, 2013 (Directed by Bain Boehlke)

CoHo Productions, Portland, 2013 (Directed by Brandon Woolley)

Out of the Loop Fringe Festival, 2012 (Directed by Brad Jones) (Voted "best of fest")



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International Falls (the play)

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