• Thomas Ward

Facebook Death. Thanksgiving. 31 Plays.

I've tried to quit facebook at least a dozen times. The first time I heard about facebook was in a college class that I was teaching seven or eight years ago. I said something and a student said "facebook." He was suggesting that what I'd said be posted on facebook. I said "what's facebook?" I'm assuming the response was "it's like MySpace." It just struck me that all of my blog readers came via facebook. So no one's probably going to read this. Cool.

So much is written about facebook that it's dumb to add to the hoopla. But I continue to be baffled at how addictive it is. Was. When I sit down at my computer my fingers are still hardwired to type it into the address bar.

The hard part of leaving facebook is that you're not on facebook to see if anyone has noticed. I asked my twelve twitter followers to go over to facebook to see if anyone was talking about me with the command "DON'T SAY I SENT YOU."

My sponsor used to tell me that no one was as obsessed with me as I was.

I've also changed my website and in so doing lost all of my blog. I think. I don't know. I haven't tried real hard to salvage it. I don't feel like doing much right now. I don't feel like typing this right now, but well anyway...

I watched an episode of Louis on Netflix where he was trying out of David Letterman's job. He said to someone who was coaching him (played by David Lynch) that the audition was either going to be a door or a wall.

I'm beginning to feel like that about 2014. A door leading to something or a wall ending something. Acting. Writing. Theater. The whole shebang.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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